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The LSBG is using microfluidics, high-throughput sequencing, single cell genomics, large-scale yeast screens, and computational approaches to characterize the regulatory code in Drosophila and mammals and to examine how variations in this code affect molecular and organismal diversity.

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  1. Pradhan, R. N.#, M. Zachara, and B. Deplancke. A systems perspective on brown adipogenesis and metabolic activation. Obesity Reviews 18.S1 (2017): 65-81.
  2. Pradhan, Rachana N.#, Johannes J. Bues, Vincent Gardeux, Petra C. Schwalie, Daniel Alpern, Wanze Chen, Julie Russeil, Sunil K. Raghav, and Bart Deplancke. Dissecting the brown adipogenic regulatory network using integrative genomics. Scientific Reports 7 (2017).
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Press about us:

28/02/2017: Bart was featured in the Nature Methods Author File section.
31/01/2017: In collaboration with the Bucher and Trono Labs, we published a new microfluidic technology in Nature Methods, SMiLE-seq aimed at profiling the DNA binding behavior of TF monomers and dimers in quantitative fashion. Congrats to Alina and the entire team for 4 years of hard but productive work! SMiLE-seq also appeared in Science Daily.
29/09/2016: Bart presents “A primer to single cell gene expression analyses” including our newly developed Automated Single cell Analysis Platform ASAP for the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Virtual Seminar Series.
27/09/2016: Congratulations to Magda who was awarded the prize for best poster t the 2016 LIMNA symposium – muscle stem cells, metabolism, and ageing.


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