Open Positions

The EPFL Laboratory of Systems Biology and Genetics is always looking for passionated students and post-docs with a great interest and expertise in (systems) genetics and genomics, single cell biology, bioinformatics, or micro-engineering/micro-fluidics.

The Deplancke lab has currently open positions for Master projects related to a microfluidic technology developed in-house, called FloChIP, which can perform parallel and automated immunoprecipitation experiments that are x10 faster and x1000 more sensitive than commercially available solutions. Motivated master students with a micro- or bioengineering background will be tasked with exploring novel applications for FloChIP and/or develop enhancements to the current microfluidic platform. The project will provide experience in microfluidics, a variety of molecular biology methods, genomics principles and bioinformatics, as well as exposure to the EPFL startup ecosystem. If interested to know more about project details, do not hesitate to get in contact and send CV to and to the FloChIP project manager

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Last update: February 26th, 2019